Utility of a novel perceptual-motor control test for identification of sport-related concussion beyond current clinical assessments

J Sports Sci -

Eagle, S. R., Kontos, A. P., Sinnott, A., Beckner, M., Nindl, B. C., Flanagan, S. D., . . . Connaboy, C..



Clinically feasible metrics, that can inform the concussion recovery decision making process by evaluating a unique domain beyond current testing domains (e.g., balance, neurocognition, symptoms, vestibular/ocular function) are still in need. The purpose of this study was to compare perceptual-motor control in adolescent athletes 66. Perceptual-motor control tests may complement current sport-related concussion assessments when neurocognition and vestibular/ocular motor system are not grossly impaired.

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