The Relationship Between Postinjury Symptomatology and Days Postinjury for the Graded Symptom Scale in Concussed Adolescent Athletes

International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training -


Williams, R. M., Bay, R. C. and Valovich McLeod, T. C..



Concussion symptoms are important self-reported indicators of recovery. The purpose of this study was to describe the symptom burden in the first 3 weeks postconcussion and estimate the strength of relationship between symptomatology and days postconcussion. Headache was the most commonly endorsed symptom during weeks 1 (71.1%), 2 (37.6%), and 3 (32.6%). Severity scores were negatively correlated with days postconcussion, p < .01. While headache is commonly reported following a concussion, and decreases with time, it was still endorsed 3 weeks postinjury. Clinicians should be aware that lingering symptoms may suggest a prolonged recovery that requires an active treatment approach.

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