The assessment of sport-related concussion: the evidence behind neuropsychological testing and management

Clin J Sport Med -


Grindel, S. H., M. R. Lovell and M. W. Collins.



Because of the lack of valid evidence to support the current recommendations for the management of mild traumatic brain injury (concussion), many physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, and athletes have called into question the way concussions are treated in athletics. This review article discusses the current evidence for the management of concussion in high school, college, and professional sports. A complete review of the epidemiologic and neuropsychological studies to date is presented and critically reviewed, as are other assessment and management tools in concussion. The appropriate use of neuropsychological testing, grading scales, and return-to-play recommendations are discussed in depth based on the current evidence. Additionally, areas requiring further research are identified and future trends are briefly discussed.

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