Supporting the student-athlete’s return to the classroom after a sport-related concussion

J Athl Train -


McGrath, N..



OBJECTIVE: This article provides a framework for school athletic trainers to use in advising colleagues about the health and academic needs of student-athletes presenting with concussions. BACKGROUND: Management of sport-related concussions has been an area of growing concern for school athletic programs. Recent work in this area has highlighted significant risks for student-athletes presenting with these mild traumatic brain injuries. DESCRIPTION: Topics covered include general teaching points for the athletic trainer to use with school colleagues. An integrated model for school management of sport concussion injuries is presented that includes involvement of the student’s athletic trainer, school nurse, guidance counselor, teachers, social worker, psychologist, physicians, and parents. CLINICAL ADVANTAGES: Academic accommodations for specific postconcussion symptoms are proposed that may help the student-athlete strike an optimum balance between rest and continued academic progress during recovery.

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