Sport-related concussion and age: Number of days to neurocognitive baseline

Neurosurgery -


Zuckerman, S. L., M. Odom, Y. M. Lee, J. Forbes, A. K. Sills and G. Solomon.



Concussed athletes 13 to 16 years old take longer to return to their neurocognitive and symptom baselines than athletes 18 to 22 years old. Days to return to baseline were significantly greater for 100 athletes 13 to 16 years-old compared with 100 that were 18 to 22 years-old, all of whom had suffered a sports-related concussion. All subjects were matched based on number of prior concussions and each participant completed baseline and post-concussion neurocognitive testing using the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Testing (ImPACT) test battery.

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