Relationship of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Post-concussion Recovery in Youth Athletes

Clin J Sport Med -


Mautner, K., W. I. Sussman, M. Axtman, Y. Al-Farsi and S. Al-Adawi.



OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) influences postconcussion recovery, as measured by computerized neurocognitive testing. DESIGN: This is a retrospective case control study. SETTING: Computer laboratories across 10 high schools in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. PARTICIPANTS: Immediate postconcussion assessment and cognitive testing (ImPACT) scores of 70 athletes with a self-reported diagnosis of ADHD and who sustained a sport-related concussion were compared with a randomly selected age-matched control group. Immediate postconcussion assessment and cognitive testing scores over a 5-year interval were reviewed for inclusion. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Postconcussion recovery was defined as a return to equivalent baseline neurocognitive score on the ImPACT battery, and a concussion symptom score of

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