Psychometric properties and reference values for the ImPACT neurocognitive test battery in a sample of elite youth ice hockey players

Arch Clin Neuropsychol -


McKay, C. D., B. L. Brooks, M. Mrazik, A. L. Jubinville and C. A. Emery.



This cross-sectional study aimed to determine psychometric properties and reference values for ImPACT in a sample of 704 elite ice hockey players aged 13-17. Baseline ImPACT tests were completed at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season. Players aged 16-17 had better visual motor processing speed, adjusted R(2) = .0522, F(2, 45) = 10.79, beta = 2.87, p < .001, and impulse control, adjusted R = .0185, F(2,45) = 7.46, beta = -1.35, p = .001, than younger players, and girls had greater total symptom ratings than boys (z = -3.47, p = .0005). There were no other sex- or age-related differences in neurocognitive performance, and no effect of previous concussion on ImPACT scores. Reference values with cut-off scores are presented.

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