How long after maximal physical exertion should baseline computerized neurocognitive testing and symptom assessment be administered?

Brain Inj -

Mohler, S., Elbin, R. J., Ott, S., Butts, C. L., McDermott, B., Ganio, M. S., & Covassin, T..



Objective: Prior research suggests maximal physical exertion (MPE) may negatively affect the reliability and validity of computerized neurocognitive testing (CNT); the purpose of this study was to identify aclinically relevant recovery interval following MPE for the administration of baseline CNT. Design: Random-crossover. Participants: Thirty (M = 21.87 +/- 2.29 y), moderately-active,healthy participants, without history of ADHD, learning disabilities, psychological disorders or concussion (within the last six months). Intervention: Participants completed four randomly ordered experimental trials. Except for the control trial, CNT was administered following MPE with assigned recovery intervals [Immediate, 10-minutes,or 20-minutes]. Aseries of repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVAs) were performed on CNT composite and total symptom scores. Results: Total symptom scores were significantly greater (p < .01) at the immediate, 10-minute,and 20-minuterecovery intervals compared to the control trial. Processing speed was significantly faster at the 20-minuterecovery interval compared to the control trials. Visual memory, verbal memory, or reaction time did not differ across recovery intervals. Conclusions: Clinicians should wait more than 20 minutes before assessing baseline concussion symptoms following about of MPE.

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