How Do ImPACT Quick Test Scores Compare with ImPACT Online Scores in Non-Concussed Adolescent Athletes?

Arch Clin Neuropsychol -

Elbin, R. J., D'Amico, N. R., McCarthy, M., Womble, M. N., O'Connor, S., & Schatz, P..



To compare neurocognitive scores between the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) Quick Test (QT) and Online Versions in non-concussed high school athletes.

A sample of 47 high school athletes completed the ImPACT Online Version pre-season and the ImPACT QT approximately 3 months later. Paired sample t-tests and Pearson’s correlations examined differences and relationships between the ImPACT batteries.

The ImPACT QT scores were significantly higher for performance on the Three Letters: Average Counted (p < .001, d = .88), Three Letters: Average Counted Correctly (p < .001, d = .80), and Symbol Match: Correct RT Visible (p < .001, d = .72), and Symbol Match: Correct RT Hidden (p = .002, d = .50) subtests. There were significant relationships for Three Letters: Average Counted (r = .85, p < .001), Three Letters: Average Counted Correctly (r = .82, p < .001), and Symbol Match: Total Correct Hidden (r = .40, p = .006) subtests.

Post-injury evaluation data using ImPACT QT should be compared to normative referenced data, and not to pre-season data from the ImPACT Online Version.

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