Does time since concussion alter the factor structure of a multidomain assessment in adolescents?

Child Neuropsychol -

Kissinger-Knox, A. M., Eagle, S. R., Jennings, S., Collins, M. W., & Kontos, A. P..



The utilization of principal component analysis (PCA) approaches to concussion is beneficial to inform the interpretation of clinical outcome data in adolescent patients. While researchers have identified factors using post-concussive symptom scales and cognitive testing, there has yet to be a PCA that incorporates vestibular or oculomotor outcomes, or that focuses exclusively on adolescents. Moreover, the role of time since injury has not been examined in relation to concussion factors in this at-risk population. PCA methods were applied to two independent samples of 237 adolescents who presented to an outpatient concussion clinic: 1)

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