Current Concepts in the Office-Based Treatment of the Concussed Athlete

Osteopathic Family Physician -


Robert Franks, D. O., Danielle Chase FAOASM, and I. I. Ronald Torrance.



Context: Concussion has emerged as one of the most challenging conditions in medicine. With the currently changing and evolving diagnosis and treatment paradigms in concussion management, a comprehensive review of the current literature was necessary. This article focuses on the in-office evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the concussed athlete as opposed to on-field assessment. This article will guide the primary care physician through a logical evaluation and treatment process for this challenging injury.

Evidence Acquisition: A thorough and comprehensive review of the current literature was performed via PubMed, Medline, and Google Scholar.

Study Design: Clinical Review.

Level of Evidence: Level 5

Results: Upon review of the current medical and allied health literature, a systematic and step-wise approach to obtaining key historical points, physical examination, medical imaging, additional diagnostic testing, and treatment both medically and by allied health professionals was developed to give primary care physicians a structured protocol to follow in the diagnosis and treatment of concussion in the office-based setting.

Conclusion: This article gives primary care physicians a current and progressive approach to the diagnosis, evaluation, work-up, and treatment of the concussed athlete in the in-office setting concerning concussion management.

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