Cross-Validation of Measures Used for Computer-Based Assessment of Concussion

Applied Neuropsychology -


Schatz, P. and B. O. Putz.



The purpose of this study was to cross-validate subscales of computerized test batteries developed for the assessment and management of sports-related concussion, as well as to validate these subscales against select long-standing paper-based measures. In order to examine concurrent validity, we administered 3 such computerized measures, CogSport, ImPACT, and HeadMinder, along with more established paper-based measures, the Trail Making Tests and the Digit Symbol subtest of the Wechsler scale. Analysis of processing speed indices revealed significant but modest correlations between Trails B and the computer-based measures, ranging from -.51 (ImPACT) to .60 (HeadMinder), and for Digit Symbol ranging from -.37 (Headminder) to .53 (ImPACT). Analysis of complex reaction time (CRT) data revealed significant but modest correlations between ImPACT and CogSport (.65), and between ImPACT and HeadMinder (.41), but not between CogSport and HeadMinder. No intercorrelations were found between the memory indices from the 3 programs. Our results suggest that these tests share some common variance on constructs such as processing speed and reaction time, but not within the domain of memory. Clinicians obtaining baseline evaluations using 1 measure should not use the baseline as a basis for post-concussion assessment using another measure. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)

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