Comparison of neurocognitive performance in contact and noncontact nonconcussed high school athletes across a two-year interval

Dev Neuropsy -


Brett, B. L., Solomon, G. S..



Investigating short-term effects of subconcussive impacts on neurocognitive functioning, we employed a repeated measures multivariate model and regression-based measure to examine neurocognitive changes in 771 contact and noncontact high school athletes over a two-year period. Results reveal significant changes in Visual Motor Speed for both groups over a two-year period, with small effect sizes. According to regression-based measures, differences in contact sport athletes’ expected Time 2 performances were significant for Visual Motor Speed, also with minimal effects. Results do not conclusively implicate subconcussive hits as the offending factor in differences observed, with gender and sport-type possibly contributing to the small effects. PMID: 28452600

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