Brief iPad-Based Assessment of Cognitive Functioning with ImPACT Pediatric

Dev Neuropsychol -

[Epub ahead of print](22-Nov):.

Iverson, G. L. and Schatz, P..



ImPACT Pediatric is an examiner-administered iOS-based battery of neuropsychological tests designed to measure neurocognitive functioning in children ages 5-11. This study documented Multivariate Base Rates (prevalence of low scores when multiple test scores are considered simultaneously) in the ImPACT Pediatric standardization sample (N = 892). In the total sample, it was common for children to obtain at least one low factor score using the 25th percentile [T 43; base rate (BR) = 54.2%], 16th percentile (T40, BR = 38.1%), and the 10th percentile (T37, BR = 31.1%). However, it was uncommon for children to obtain two (or more) low factor scores using any of the above-listed cutoff score.

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