Baseline Concussion Symptom Scores Vary Between Interview and Computer Self Report only for Male College Athletes

International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 2018 Oct;

Kissinger-Knox, A. M., Norheim, N. J., Vagt, D. S., Mulligan, K. P. and Webbe, F. M..


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We compared two modes of ascertaining symptom information in baseline concussion testing with 754 NCAA Division II collegiate athletes. All athletes reported symptoms in both a face-to-face structured clinical interview using the SCAT3 symptom scale items and the similar symptom self-report scale in the computerized ImPACT test. Males reported significantly more symptoms and with greater severity during the interview compared to the computerized self-report. If males particularly, report symptoms according to a different format in post-trauma assessments than baseline, differences may reflect mode of testing and not change due to concussion.

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