Assessment trends among neuropsychologists conducting sport-related concussion evaluations

Dev Neuropsychol -


LeMonda, B. C., Tam, D., Barr, W. B. and Rabin, L. A..



Neuropsychologists regularly conduct sport-related concussion (SRC) evaluations, although research has not tracked these assessment practices. As part of a survey of neuropsychological test usage, we analyzed data from 215 neuropsychologists who conduct SRC evaluations. Only 15% reported conducting baseline assessments of athletes as part of a sports program and 92% evaluate athletes’ post-concussion without baseline data. The majority of respondents use a full battery, considered the most reliable approach for assessing concussion symptoms in athletes. Only 6% use computerized tests exclusively (>50% ImPACT). We discuss the implications of these results and address challenges faced by neuropsychologists who perform SRC evaluations. PMID: 28452596 DOI: 10.1080/87565641.2016.1274315

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