Analysis of Baseline Computerized Neurocognitive Testing Results among 5-11-Year-Old Male and Female Children Playing Sports in Recreational Leagues in Florida

Int J Environ Res Public Health -


Liller, K. D., Morris, B., Fillion, J., Yang, Y. and Bubu, O. M..



There is a paucity of data related to sports injuries, concussions, and computerized neurocognitive testing (CNT) among very young athletes playing sports in recreational settings. The purpose of this study was to report baseline CNT results among male and female children, ages 5-11, playing sports in Hillsborough County, Florida using ImPACT Pediatric, which is specifically designed for this population. Data were collected from 2016 to 2017. The results show that 657 baseline tests were conducted and t-tests and linear regression were used to assess mean significant differences in composite scores with sex and age. Results showed that females scored better on visual memory and in general as age increased, baseline scores improved. The results can be used to build further studies on the use of CNT in recreational settings and their role in concussion treatment, management, and interventions.

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